Halloween 2017

Aloha and Happy Halloween 2017! Every year since having kids, we’ve really enjoyed getting into the festivities that come with this holiday. Baking kicks into high gear, parties abound, and we brainstorm ideas for our family costumes. Once we decide on an idea, I always hit the fabric aisle and gather essentials for the sewing and DIY elements (by the way, finding the right fabrics here in Hawaii is HARD – like, really limited selections). What I can’t or don’t want to make, I buy. I work best under pressure, so even though I buy my supplies a month in advance, I inevitably wait until the week before Trunk-or-Treat to get it all sewn and put together. I curse the work while I do it because I’m not very good at sewing, but once I finish, I’m usually beyond excited to wear the costumes to our Trunk-or-Treat parties and neighborhood trick-or-treating. I absolutely LOVE family costumes and am already bracing myself for the day my boys tell me they want to dress up as something else. Don’t get me wrong, I totally can’t wait to see what their individual tastes will be, but it means this phase of Halloween fun will be over. We’ve had four really fun Trunk-or-Treat years so far, and since it’s pretty much my favorite thing to look back on holiday memories, I’ve decided to post them all here. Have a spooktacular Halloween, everyone!

2014 – Labyrinth

Our first family costume – and probably my favorite! Zach was the Goblin King/Jareth from the movie Labyrinth. Dane was Toby and I was Sarah. We knew we wanted to do this family costume from the time I was pregnant – haha! We figured our son would be just the right age to pull it off! Our trunk, however, was a last-minute design: a labyrinth rock wall painted onto cardboard with a masking tape maze to the candy. (Hope Mills 2nd Ward Trunk-or-Treat in Fayetteville, NC)

2015 – Where the Wild Things Are

This one was pretty fun because it was based on the children’s book we love. Zach, Rory, and I dressed up as the Wild Things and Dane was Max. We bleached stripes onto an orange shirt for Zach and I drew all those scales on his sweatpants with a Sharpie – which took WAYYYY longer than I thought it would! I sewed his monster hood with horns, which nearly broke my entry-level Singer sewing machine. My costume was a onesie pajama and a red-yarn homemade wig, and Rory’s was a bundle outfit from Gap that I sewed horns and claws onto. We ordered Dane’s costume online and I made his little wand out of materials we had at home. We put a little more effort into our trunk and decked it out as a monster mouth, complete with growling, roaring, and burping sound effects. (Gillis Hill Ward Trunk-or-Treat in Raeford, NC)

2016 – One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

We had a totally different idea in mind, and I’d even bought fabric and started sewing, but the idea just wasn’t feeling right and we decided to switch it up. We started thinking along the lines of Dr. Seuss books and sea creatures (because we had moved to Hawaii) and decided to be the fish from his famous book. We bought T-shirts and a LOT of felt and I cut scales out for what felt like months! I sewed the hoods onto the shirts, then hot glued those scales on like there was no tomorrow, got a few burns in the process, and called it done! The tails were made out of fabric-covered cardboard cutouts and were connected to the bottom of the shirts with velcro (so that they were removable – gotta think of what’s carseat friendly)! Zach did the trunk – a collection of paper pompoms, cut up pool noodles to look like coral, and a treasure chest of candy. We ran the bubble machine nonstop (SOOOOOO messy) during the trunk-or-treating, which the little kids loved, for an under-the-sea atmosphere. (Ewa Beach 2nd Ward Trunk-or-Treat in Ewa Beach, HI)

2017 – The Sword in the Stone

Zach loves this old Disney movie so much, and the boys were a good age to pull it off, so after brainstorming a few other ideas, this is the one we settled on. I sewed the entire costumes for Zach, Dane, and Rory, which was fairly easy because our Bernina 330 works like a CHAMP! I am seriously in love with that sewing machine – worth every penny. Zach’s Merlin costume is just an oversized tunic. His hat is made from stiff interfacing and fabric, and his beard/mustache/hair/eyebrows is all made from a fluffy batting that I sewed into place. Dane’s Wart/Arthur costume was simply an oversized red tunic and a yellow muslin scarf. Rory’s Archimedes costume took a little more work, but it’s just a baseball-T concept of a long shirt body of one color and sleeves of another. I sewed the wing panel onto the neck and bottom sleeves, and sewed the feather cutouts onto the edges and neckline. His Archimedes face is made from felt that I sewed onto the hood that attached separately. My Madam Mim costume was a dress, a purple crop top, and purple wig that I ordered from Amazon. We put more effort into our trunk this year. Zach spray painted boxes and taped lines on them to look like a castle. Then we draped cobwebs and skeletons to make it more Halloween-y. We added the sword in the stone and filled the box with candy. We added a little snow (batting and vinyl tablecloth) and voila! (Hawaii Dental Health Clinic Trunk-or-Treat at Fort Shafter & Ewa Beach 2nd Ward Trunk-or-Treat in Ewa Beach, HI)


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