WEEKLY VIDEO – Waimea Falls, Puu O Mahuka, Food Trucks, Ko Olina Lagoon #2, and Kapilina Lagoons/Iroquois Point

Aloha everyone! Another week has gone by…(time is flying)…and here’s the latest in our lives here in glorious Oahu, Hawaii! Click the link for the video and scroll down to read all about our week and browse our picture gallery! Love to you all!


The boys have been a riot lately with their imaginative play. Lately, it’s all about pretending they are in airplanes and seeing volcanoes because we’ve been talking about our upcoming trip to the Big Island (and I’m SOOOOO excited!!!). We recently bought new clothes for the boys because they had NO clothes for cooler weather, and Big Island gets cold in December, and they’ve been walking around in their new hiking boots, puffer vests, hoodies, and pants, because it’s like a new dress-up game to them! Haha, it’s pretty cute. Dane also used a swing as a surfboard and wrapped the chain around his ankle to be his “leash” – haha, apparently he told Zach he was “surfing like mommy.” Oh, my heart! I think we’ve got to get him in a surf lesson at least once before we move… They also got a chance to help their dad wash the van, which was appallingly dirty. Dane rocked the toothbrush scrubbing while Rory slapped his sponge around gleefully. I was only out there long enough to record a little bit of the cuteness before Dane informed me that it was just a daddy activity and I should go back inside! Say what?! Dane has also been practicing hard for his upcoming Primary program at church – this is his first program as a Sunbeam. We’ve been using the kitchen sink as a microphone – haha – you’ll see the video next week! He has his line memorized, but we’ll see if he gets stage fright on Sunday. Fingers crossed! Zach has been working extra hard in his residency program, with board exams and lab work requiring a lot of him. I don’t know how he balances it all, but he does it well. ❤ We just wrapped up watching Stranger Things and Poldark – what next?! I’ve been occupied with a few fun things like reading for book club (Mistletoe Inn by Richard Paul Evans), taking and editing photos, and making family videos. I’m so excited about Thanksgiving this week and kicking off the Christmas season!


WAIMEA VALLEY FALLS – Zach reminded me that he’d never been to Waimea Falls, which is crazy because I’ve been a few times now! So for his day off on Monday, we walked the beautiful trail and he was finally able to swim under the waterfall! He took Dane out with him – more like tried to take him – but Dane was full of protests, even though he’d originally begged to go in. Sigh… Rory and I watched and took lots of pictures.

PUU O MAHUKA HEIAU – We drove up the steep and winding road, which ended at the largest heiau in Oahu (sacred Hawaiian site, like a temple). I’ve been told they’ve cleaned up the area a lot and cleared out a bunch of growth, so what we found was a wide open view of all the heiau rocks and a stunning overlook of Waimea Bay and the North Shore. We also had a great view of the windmills, which are Dane’s favorite (right up there with shave ice – he asks for them every time we go to the North Shore)! There was a little trail that we walked around the perimeter of the rocks. It was a short stop, but one I’m glad we made. Unforgettable views!

NORTH SHORE FOOD TRUCKS – Since we were nearby, we stopped for lunch at the food trucks. After browsing, we settled on North Shore Tacos, which was very tasty! We somehow managed to escape without having to buy any shave ice for the kids – haha! They were asleep in the car within minutes of leaving!

KO OLINA LAGOON #2 – My friend asked me to take pictures of her parents, who were visiting the island, and we settled on Lagoon #2 as the location. It’s a quieter lagoon, speckled with leafy umbrellas, and has a wonderful view of the hotels, ocean, and mountains. While I took photos, my friend Delisa watched the boys. They threw a bunch of seeds into the bushes and grass, which really thrilled them. After photos, the boys and I caught some tiny crabs and let them crawl on our hands. We finished the morning off with swimming – the water was so clear and we saw lots of fish! It was such a good vibes kind of morning.

KAPILINA LAGOONS @ IROQUOIS POINT – One of Zach’s co-residents lives in this area and invited all of us to a cookout and beach volleyball. The food was great; the company was even better! The view from that area is crazy beautiful – tons of mountains, all of Honolulu/Waikiki, beautiful Diamondhead, and all the airplanes taxiing and flying in and out from HNL. We also saw a huge ship leaving Pearl Harbor that Dane pronounced was heading to the “promised land” (thanks to his love of watching Nephi’s Journey to the Promised Land, lol). The afternoon was topped off with some beach volleyball, which totally made me think of the scene in Top Gun (you know the one). So Mike threw on the song from that scene for background music, which made me laugh so hard! Well played…



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  1. Love the photos! And the weekly update blog style is nice to read but I still love visiting the island and you via video. Oh how I miss you and your adorable family!!!


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