Aloha! We’re starting to feel better around here, so we spent some family time on Saturday up in the North Shore. Check out this week’s video for some family goodness, surfing, food, and SNOW!



Poor Dane was sick with a fever on the day of his 1st Primary Program at church. He worked hard on his practices at home (we used the kitchen sink/faucet as a microphone with a step stool to simulate the pulpit at church) and memorized his line! He knew so many of the songs, too! I was so disappointed to not see him get to perform, but I recorded some of his practices and put them together for a little at-home primary program.

We spent most of the week at home recovering, because I still had a cough and congestion, and both boys got sick with fevers, vomit, and horrible coughs and congestion. Zach was the only one who escaped the crud! We finally managed to get out of the house on Friday for some errands and Saturday for some family time – and we were rewarded with tons of rainbows! Seriously, like 4 each day! I LOVE rainbows!

Banzai Pipeline – we first stopped at the Banzai Pipeline to watch some of the surfing contests. The waves were definitely overheard – not outrageously huge that day, but still big – and it was overcast, which made it feel wintry! It was nice to be outside again, just sitting on the beach combing through the sand to find little flat spiral shells and watch the surfers go at it!

Sunset Elementary Park – right across the street is Sunset Elementary, and they have a nice park open to the public, so we let the boys play for a bit before we headed for lunch.

Seven Brothers & Angel’s Ice Cream – we had never tried Seven Brothers in Late, but they’re famous for their burgers and it oddly sounded good to me (I normally hate hamburgers). My burger was smothered in avocado and bacon, so it was yummy! I’d recommend it, but I’m not a burger eater, so take my recommendation with that in mind… In the same plaza is Angel’s, and they sell Dole whip, which is just my fav. The boys saw the picture of a sprinkled ice cream cone, so they begged for sprinkles. That made for a messy and colorful experience, but boy were they happy!

Christmas at the PCC – The Polynesian Cultural Center is hosting free Christmas events in their Hukilau marketplace this month, and one of those was snow (made by Hawaiian Ice). We watched them hose the pile with tons of “snow” and then we were invited to play in the winter wonderland! Dane was freaking out about and refused to set foot on it, so I held him and froze my toes off! Haha, I loved the feeling of snow again – the cold, crispy crunch and sinking in up to my ankles with each step! Rory was madly in love with the whole experience. He was all about standing in it, touching it, throwing it. He didn’t want to leave! Zach and I each made miniature snowmen and got all nostalgic for our Colorado days. Afterward, we walked around the market and looked at the different village Christmas trees. We didn’t stay for the lights and Santa because we would’ve had to wait 3 hours and the boys were wearing down, but it was a lovely time in the snow. Afterward, even though he threw little fits, Dane said the snow was “the best” and “so much fun.”



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