Aloha everyone! Today is DANE’S 4th BIRTHDAY! I am feeling all the feels, remembering the events that surrounded his birth, the moment he came into this world, and all the milestones we’ve experienced since. Dane is an interesting mix of challenging and loving. Just when I’m about to lose my marbles in frustration with him, he says the sweetest or funniest thing and always wants to snuggle. We love him to bits and are so glad he’s our son. I’ll post his birthday video soon! In the meantime, check out this week’s video…


I think I’ve gone into winter mode/hibernation recently because we’ve just been playing at home, baking cookies, and taking it easy. It’s been a good time to reset, to enjoy simplicity, and be festive! This week’s video shows our “Sugar Cookie Sunday,” which is the 1st Sunday in Dec. The boys were all about helping this year, which was not so helpful but oh-so memorable. Want a good sugar cookie cut-out recipe? Here’s the one I use these days: Best Sugar Cookie Recipe

We also went to Zach’s Dental Holiday Party at Hickam Air Force Officer’s Club. I was so happy it was outside because the boys were able to run around and stay sane the entire 4 hours! We also went to White Plains Beach this past weekend to catch a sunset full of pink, purple, and gold – it was gloriously relaxing. I also threw in some clips of the boys playing at home. They LOVE garbage trucks and always want to watch it come by. The other morning, I was up in my room and Dane burst in and enthusiastically told me it had snowed in our house. I immediately thought “UH-OH” and rushed to see what mess they had made. I found all the pompoms thrown on the floor and the boys were pretending it was snowing. Dane pretended to eat the snow and Rory made snow angels. I was seriously amazed by their imagination and joy! I had to join in; we had an epic (and colorful) snowball fight!

Also, we leave THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW for Hawaii’s BIG ISLAND! This is our first time going and I am totally stoked! Can’t wait to share all of the scenery and adventures we’ll have along the way! We’ll return in time for Christmas Eve/Christmas at home. Have a great week, everyone!



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