Aloha! We wanted to share our Mele Kalikimaka memories!



We were visiting the Big Island the week right before Christmas – and we made it home the evening of the 23rd so we could spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at home. Buuuuut, one of our gifts was given early to the boys so they could use it on the trip. They both got brand new adventure backpacks and they wore them throughout the vacation to tote their stuff around! The rest of their gifts were found under the tree Christmas morning. 🙂 They got watches and a big set of magnetic blocks from Santa (as well as stocking stuffers like sunglasses and fish for the pool), and they got dry-erase learning books, backpacks, and new rain jackets from mom and dad. Grammy sent them an adorable stuffed Triceratops and spike dinosaur that the boys love to snuggle with at nap and bedtime.

Christmas Eve was probably my favorite. I think I enjoy it more than Christmas Day because it’s stuffed to the brim with holiday magic, anticipation, and warmth. We went to church and had a beautiful sacrament meeting with testimonies and songs, then came home to make gingerbread houses with the boys for the first time! We toured the neighborhood lights, had a little dance party on a random neighbor’s lawn, and came home to set out Santa’s cookies and milk. Dane was really bummed that Santa was going to eat all the cookies and wanted to ask Santa if he would share (“because that’s the nice thing to do”), so I suggested we write a note asking Santa to spare a cookie for the boys. That was a pretty fun moment. Then Zach attempted to read “The Night Before Christmas” out of my dad’s treasured Christmas Book, but the boys were absolutely wild. Haha, maybe one day they’ll sit and listen… After the boys were tucked in bed, Zach and I sipped some cocoa and wrapped some presents while watching our favorite, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It truly is a wonderful life and I sometimes struggle to remember that during frustrating moments or tiring phases, but gratitude is the key – and I’m so grateful for my family. Hope you all had beautiful Christmases with memories you already treasure!



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