Adventure Hunt Oahu

Aloha! Ok, ok – this video is really late. Like, two months overdue! I took a break from a lot of video editing after the Big Island trip (I think I had some burnout after going through so much footage and making so many videos). But, I’m back! I’ve got a handful of videos I’m working on now – so many adventures lately – and you’ll be seeing them soon.

Adventure Hunt Oahu wasn’t something I planned on doing. Two of my friends had signed up, but one had to back out at the last minute. She asked if I wanted to take her place, and I said sure! For those who aren’t familiar with #AdventureHunt, it’s a fun-filled day where you earn points for doing certain tasks (i.e. surfing, hiking a specific trail, doing strange things in front of/with strangers – you get the drift). Once you earn enough points, the app unlocks the treasure hunt. You have to solve 12 clues that take you to different destinations. Once you reach each spot, the app recognizes your location and gives you the new clue. The last clue takes you to the treasure spot. In our case, the treasure had already been found, but we finished the entire hunt and it ended at the top of Lanikai Pillbox, which has one of THE MOST STUNNING views on the island.

Roxanne was an absolute blast. She was up for anything, excited to do everything, and even let me pull over for an unscheduled stop when I spotted a tire swing on Waimanalo Beach. šŸ™‚ Our particular Adventure Hunt journey began at Koko Head Crater Stairs, where we did jumping jacks at the top and then built a human pyramid with other Adventure Hunters we met along the way. Once we reached the bottom, we had a wheelbarrow race. Then we hit the water. We decided on Diamondhead Beach Park and grabbed the surfboard, snorkel gear, and a body board. This particular beach requires a hike down to it (more of a locals spot) and that was a little tricky with my longboard, but we made it! So fun to try a new surfing spot and play in the water. I also had to act like a beached whale in front of strangers and Roxanne got a smooch on the cheek from a guy we didn’t know. As soon as we reached our car, we realized we had enough points to unlock the treasure hunt. At that EXACT same moment, the app unlocked itself because someone had already found the treasureĀ amazingly fast! So we relaxed, no longer rushing to win, and enjoyed the 12 stops along the way to the treasure: Spitting Caves, China Walls, Makapu’u Lookout, Ku Heiau, Bellows Beach, Sherwood Beach, Lanikai Pillar, Kailua Beach, Kailua Beach Park, Lanikai Beach, Lanikai Pillbox 1, and Pillbox 2 (where the treasure had been buried).

We adventured through sun and rain, sand and mud, to reach the end. We wound up finishing 77th out of 250 teams. We may not have won the trip to Panama, but the real prize was the adventure we had!


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