Father’s Day 2018

It’s become a tradition each year for me to make a Father’s Day video for Zach, so here’s the video for 2018! It includes some special moments Zach shared with the boys – as well as an All About Dad Interview. The boys have grown so much since last year’s “interview.” Take a look!

We’re still in that phase where I (Debbie) do all the work for preparing a sentimental gift for Father’s Day – and I really love to be involved. Father’s Day is not only a day for our boys to thank their dad for all he does, but a day for me to show my gratitude as well. Raising children is the hardest job I’ve ever taken on, and I’m outrageously grateful to have a fantastic teammate in my husband. I don’t know what a better dad would look like for our boys; I really feel that he is a perfect match not just for me, but for them.

Zach didn’t have a lot of experience with babies and kids when we got married, but you’d never guess based on the bond he has with our sons (and Oscar, of course). He loves them, is a friend to them, listens, shares, gives his time to them, includes them, is patient, plays, laughs, shows affection, teaches them to work, pray, and be happy. Sure, there are occasions when he has a short fuse (pretty rare, though) or would rather be doing something else, but he is quick to make things right and always reinforces the love he shares with them. He is a wonderful exemplar. I know our children will learn some of the most vital lessons through him. The most important lesson they’ve already learned: that their dad loves them.

My great hope is that my children will have their father for many, many more years to come and to appreciate having him as a safe person they can come to for love, guidance, and support.

Happy Father’s Day, Zach! THANK YOU for all that you do! WE LOVE YOU!


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