Austin Texas BATS!



Did you know Austin, Texas is full of bats? In the summertime, they emerge around sunset each night to hunt for food. If you visit the Congress Avenue Bridge area, where over a million and a half bats live in the crevices, you’re in for a wonderful show! You can watch from the lawn below, from the bridge above, or from the Colorado river on a boat, kayak, or paddle board. For our first time, we opted to stand on the bridge. The view of the city and river alone is glorious, but when you suddenly catch sight of the stream of bats coming out, it’s unreal! They follow what I’m guessing are specific air currents, but there were 3 main streams of bats that continued on for about a half hour. In the distance, you could see clouds of bats all moving together. It was really something! ¬†You can also smell their mustiness and hear the click of their wings. Apparently August is the best time to view them, as the babies are grown enough to join the flight. Can’t wait to visit again – next time on a paddle board!


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