Ahhh, Molokai! So quiet, so beautiful… Zach and I went on our first vacation without the kids. We spent two days, one night on the island and felt it was a perfect timeframe to enjoy the sites. This was a perfect getaway to catch our breath. Read below the video for our itinerary!

Day 1: Halawa Valley Cultural Tour (this was AMAZING – do it!), drove across the island to 3-mile beach (and had it all to ourselves at one point), then grabbed some Kanemitsu Bakery Hot Bread. We stayed the night at an Airbnb in Hotel Molokai (we also privately rented the car from the condo owner).

Day 2: Kalaupapa Hike, Kalaupapa Tour with Damien Tours LLC, Phallic Rock and Kalaupapa Lookout trail.


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